Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay a salary to anyone, anywhere in the world using Cryptosalary. Your workers will receive CSY Utility Tokens to their wallets on The next step is to manage taxes for the workers and being able to pay out a net salary to their bank accounts in fiat currency, equivalent to the amount that they have received in Utility Tokens from their employer. After Cryptosalary has completed the Initial Coin Offering, the plan is to use the funds to expand and start up offices in as many countries as possible that have a strong market in the Gig Economy. With an office set up in a country comes the opportunity of converting our customers received Utility tokens to a local salary payment to their bank accounts.

Our plan is to start in the Nordics and UK. After this, we will move into more countries in Europe such as Germany and Ukraine. Thereafter we plan to expand to North America and India. Our goal is to set up offices in all parts of the world where there is a developed Freelancing and Gig Economy market.

Using Cryptosalary, you can pay your parties in two ways. You either pay in US-dollars, or in CSY Utility tokens.

Every country has different rules and regulations when it comes to taxes and administration for workers. We must make certain to adhere to local laws and regulations. Our legal team analyzes the challenges for each location and creates an action plan before we can open up an office in a new country. What Cryptosalary aims to do, is to build an automated system using AI & Machine Learning to digitize and streamline the entire process of what it requires to pay out a legitimate net salary to a person's bank account. Our goal is to be the most efficient system in every country of the world, in the field of managing salaries and tax payments.

We will use a flat rate for our services. A fixed percentage based on the sum total of the salary cost, no matter how many salaries are being handled.

Using the Cryptosalary platform, you can choose to add as much staff as you need when paying salaries or creating a gig.

With Gate Payments you will be able to split up a gig into different milestones. This gives you the ability to input individual value amount for milestone within your gig. Gate Payments can be very helpful in larger projects where you as a client can feel safe knowing that you are only paying for a completed milestone. The worker will not have to wait for the end of a gig to get paid but rather receives a payment reward for each completed milestone within the gig. We believe that Gate payments will lower the need of trust between global parties, when doing business with each other.

Staffing services are expensive. They often charge their customers between 50-200% above the actual salary cost of a worker. We wish to remove the middleman and allow you to pay the workers you find for a fraction of that amount. Cryptosalary is a modern competitor to the Staffing Agencies.

We have currently planned our ICO for aug/sep of 2019. This might change and we will update the community on the progress continuously.

We will use Ethereum ERC20 token.

The contributions coming from an ICO will help us to launch our global expansion plan. All funding up until the ICO has been made by the core team and the technology is built in-house by our team.

Safe and secure payments. Blockchain separates the sender of funds from the validator. Thus creating security in transfers. With classical international bank transfers, there are many parties that need to come together in order for a transaction to become complete. Then you have the aspect of time and cost. International bank payments take a lot of time due to the centralized nature of it and are very expensive in comparison with sending funds using blockchain. Gate payments. International projects between clients and contractors can be difficult to manage. Tasks are often bundled up into one big milestone. Being able to make small transactions for each task within a sprint would require too much administration internally and would be expensive to manage. This creates a situation where the clients has to wait for bigger deliveries, which puts the project into greater risk. By using Smart Contracts in the Blockchain, you can create Gate payments involving multiple different recipients within the same contract.

Ethereum represents the 2nd generation of blockchain technology with enhanced functionality beyond payment and asset transfers. It has the same underlying principles as Bitcoin, but the key difference is the programming language called Solidity. This higher level of programming language gives the functionality to program and to execute pretty much any function or task. It packs a complete set of tools for developers to innovate further and build decentralised applications (DAPPS) and businesses on the blockchain. With Ethereum being a strong technology that has matured with mass adoption by users and companies, we believe it to be the most suitable platform for Cryptosalary.

Cryptosalary is a primarily a Global Salary Payment system. Users who join our platform will be able to; a) receive a salary for a job, without having to start a company, shifting away management of taxes and administration onto us. And b) pay a salary to a party in another country without having to employ them. Our vision is to manage administration for people, so that they can focus on their core business and achievements. With that said, we will still provide a platform where users can interact with each other and do business, but we will not offer a marketplace where these parties can find each other.